Highlights of the Concept of Neofood

For convenience, we outline the concept of neofood briefly, including the main provision on the physics of overweightness (the first paragraph):

  1. A permanent excess of energy received with food is a direct cause of excess weight. To lose weight permanently, you must permanently reduce the amount of energy that regularly enters the body.
  2. In the XIX-XX centuries, food extracts became widely available (and some were invented at that time). People began to mix these food extracts in concentrations and combinations that do not exist in nature. Combinations of fat with sweet and fat with starchy flavors are mutually exclusive in nature.
  3. Our bodies are not ready to use such mixtures, not only from the point of view of body biology, but also from the point of view of the inevitable damage to the brain when consumed — the sensitivity of dopamine receptors decreases, and reflex arcs are created, that are connected to dopamine receptors and to the center of hunger. There is an addiction in the medical, narcological sense.
  4. Neofood is a mixture of food extracts that is impossible in nature and optimized for inducing an addiction of human. With the use of neofood, an addiction develops identically in mechanism to other addictions, such as alcoholic, nicotine, etc.
  5. Not only obese people but all people are addicted to neofood. Only the level of development of their addiction is different. Being overweight is the most noticeable symptom of addiction to neofood. The unhealthy diet of the vast majority of people is an equally important symptom of addiction.
  6. In our body, there is a special leptin mechanism that prevents systematic overeating, but it only works if we eat food that does not damage our dopamine system (not neofood).
  7. A controlled reduction in the use of neofood is extremely difficult, as is the case for all other addictive substances. Reducing the level of consumption does not eliminate the addiction, but causes withdrawal symptoms, which are especially painful for people with a heavy level of addiction (overweight).
  8. An addiction to neofood can be overcome in the same way as addiction on any other psychoactive substances — you need to permanently stop use and wait for withdrawal symptoms for several weeks. The leptin mechanism will immediately begin to work to reduce appetite. Having eliminated the cause of the regular intake of excess energy for the body, we will permanently eliminate the consequence (overweight).
  9. The fact that this decision has not yet been proposed to the public by science is a consequence of the addiction of the most scientists, several unmarked facts, as well as the current nutrition paradigm — we do not distinguish neofood from other foods, and almost never are completely withdrawn from it.

Author of the concept: Anton Egorkin, b.1984, Moscow.

Vkontakte profile: https://vk.com/graf_egorkin